A Mystical Adventure In
The Golden Age Of Vaudeville!

Adventures of a Wizard poster

Based upon a real-life journey, Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard, is a fun, uplifting and deeply human tale of comedy and pathos, hope and joy that lights up the hearts of audiences!

Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard offers a big new cast of exciting performers who deliver hit after hit from legendary composers as well as original music and arrangements played, sung and danced in the old time showmanship style  by the troupe, backed by a swingin’ hot Dixieland jazz band and live Ragtime theater orchestra.

The musical story is highlighted by seven world record holding, death-defying escape artist, Laurice, and features his breath-taking magic and mystery, astounding illusions, real death-defying escapes, poignant slapstick comedy, song and dance.

Together with a cast of zany, unforgettable characters, they overcome all odds as the entire cast celebrates in a Vaudeville Extravaganza! Dazzling sets and period costumes illustrate the glamour, sophistication and elegance of the talented cast of beautiful dancers, chorus line and specialty acts. 

Based upon the Laurice family’s real life journey, steeped in over 140 years of musical-variety theater, Laurice and the gifted troupe of Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard, will welcome us into the joyfully mystical, romantic world of the Golden Age of Vaudeville – from the poignantly sublime to the hilarious slapstick circus. The highly anticipated appearance of Laurice starring in Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard, brings this musical-revuesical, based upon his family’s real life journey, to the stage and screen for fans worldwide.



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